Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF ?

Why GIF and What GIF? I think You will have downloaded many times the GIF image from the internet, And many times must have heard about the GIF image, GIF Images looks quite beautiful to see.

Although a simple image is also quite beautiful, in a GIF image we can show many images in a better way, and by adding some elements, we can make a Video GIF image means a small Instruction video.

But have you ever wondered how to make GIF, and what GIF means, I am sure 90% of you would not know what GIF is? Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

So let’s start this post, today I am gonna tell you all the information about GIF Image.

Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF

Why GIF - 2021 - What GIF - How to Make A Best GIF ?
Why GIF – 2021(Image credit – The Daily Website)

A GIF is an image file format that is used for websites and programming, and some people use it for wishing, such as Happy birthday, New year GIF, etc.

This GIF can be a zip file or even a simple image, it depends on you which software you use to create the GIF Image. Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

There is a lot of software on the Internet from which you can create GIF images, like Picsart, GIF maker, Canva pro, and many more. Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

Actually, the full-form GIF is “Graphics Interchange Format.” It is a little difficult to remember such a big name, so words have become advanced with our advanced society. That’s why GIF is called in short form. That GIF means “Graphics Interchange Format.” Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

What is the difference between both GIF and JPEG?

JPEG is a simple image format that is most commonly used when you download a free image from Google, that image is also a JPEG image. Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

JPEG is easy to create and it can be made with any simple software, even when we take a selfie from our smartphone that image is also a JPEG image.

There are some deficiencies in JPEG, such as if you edit the JPEG image more, then the quality starts to deteriorate.

In contrast, PNG Image and GIF Image provide better performance.

What is PNG? Why GIF – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF

The PNG image is commonly used for Instruction, if you want someone to learn something through an image, like suppose your image has a tutorial, then you should choose the PNG format.

The PNG image is also called the Transparent image, but the Transparent Image is a separate Image format and it supports any Image format. Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

You can convert both JPEG or PNG images to a Transparent image. GIF uses lossless compression, which does not reduce the quality of the image. Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

GIFs store the image’s data using the format index color. Meaning a simple GIF image can contain a maximum of 256 colors.

However, GIF is a better image format and was popularized in 1987 And after a few years, the updated version of it was seen, which was named “GIF89a.” And this 89a format was quite similar to the previous GIF format and specifications.

But the biggest drawback was seen in this updated version is its Transparent background, which could not be used everywhere, but today we can see such advanced software has available on the internet, due to which the need of transparent GIF format has increased.

If I were asked that I would like both GIF 87 and GIF 89.

So my answer would be GIF 89 because I like it very much, and despite being transparent, its quality never decreases, and the best part is, I can use it anywhere.

If we convert the ordinary GIF image to transparent, then it is converted to JPEG, and we cannot even compress it.

But the good thing is that both formats support Animation, and with this you can add any image or text to GIF and make an Animation video image.

Although it has been more than 25 years since the GIF format was published, but it is still used a lot today because in today’s time everyone wants to earn money from online and to earn money from online they need a lot of video presentations and images.

And to make these videos GIF images or JPEG images are required. But since GIFs contain only 256 colors, these digital photos store

Are not ideal to do, such as a photo captured with a digital camera (DSLR). Whose quality is quite high definition.

But most web developers prefer PNG image format, as I have said that PNG image works better, and it never reduces its quality, in addition to showing a PNG image is also attractive, even the smallest Border looks correctly in PNG images.

Just like I use PNG Images for every website, and JPEG Formats for the main image of the article, all the images in our Thedailywebsite are created in PNG format.

But now I am sure the question comes to your mind that if a PNG or GIF image is so good then how to make it? So read this post completely.

How to create a GIF image?

As such, there is a lot of software available on the Internet, but I like the best Canva! This software is a online software/online tool, and perhaps this is the reason that it is possible to make a great GIF image using this software.

Why GIF - 2021 - What GIF - How to Make A Best GIF (1)
Why GIF – 2021(Image credit – The Daily Website) Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

Canva is an online website, and it is a paid tool, but in this tool you also get a lot of Elements for free, using which you can create a better image. In Canva you have different Demo Templates, which you can use for your images.

To create an account in Canva, you will need an email ID, you can easily create an account in Canva with your email, however here you can create an account from Facebook, but I recommend that you use email.

After creating an account on Canva, you will get a free Layout and now you can create a GIF image from here, you will get to see a separate template for the Logo or also for Infographics in the dashboard, which can save a lot of time to create an image. Why GIF – 2021 – What GIF – How to Make A Best GIF.

You can set a defined image size using Custom size, after setting the size you have to start making the image, it will depend on you how well you can think, the better you think the better your image will create.

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In Canva, you can upload custom images, and convert those images to GIF, after creating the image you will see a button the named Animation on the top left side of your dashboard, you have to click on it, if you have Pro version of Canva then all the options will be active for you, and some options will work for the free account.

From here you can select any of the effects, after choosing the effect you have to click on the download, while downloading you will be asked the image format, here you can see JPEG and GIF, and MP4 format to download.

If you want GIF Format, select GIF Option, and click in download, and similarly convert your images to GIF.

Apart from Canva, there is much other software on the Internet that can be used to create a GIF image, for example, you can also use Picart.

So, friends, I hope you have liked this article, if you have liked it, then do share it with your friends.

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