What is Cloudflare, Stay 100% safe from Scammers, Cloudflare DNS

What is Cloudflare: Hello, how are you guys, friends SSL is available in every hosting, but there are some companies who charge money separately for SSL.

So today in this post, I will tell you how you can take SSL for free, using Cloudflare, so stay tuned in this article.

What is cloudflare, Stay safe from Scamers, cloudflare, cloudflare dns (1)

What is Cloudflare, Stay safe from Scammers, Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS

Friends, there are many companies on the internet who provide SSL for free, but there is one platform that is used the most is Cloudflare, but using Cloudflare and setting it up is a little tricky, and new people get confused about it.

So let’s know about Cloudflare SSL…


Setup Cloudflare: Cloudflare DNS.

First of all, you have to go to Cloudflare’s website by clicking this link, after that you have to add your website.

How to add a website with Cloudflare, I have told in this video. make sure you Do watch this video.


1) Log in to https://www.cloudflare.com/ and create a new account, you just need an email id to create an account in Cloudflare, and you can easily sign up. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.


2) After creating an account, a new page will open in front of you, where you will be asked for a link to your website. You have to add a link to the website that you want to add to Cloudflare or say that in which you want to SSL.


If your website is in WordPress then my recommendation is you should install WordPress first, this makes your site active quickly. Configure Cloudflare after adding the website link. And proceeded to the next step.

3) Now Cloudflare will scan your existing domain records. And whatever IP address will be present with your domain, you will see it in Cloudflare.

But this process is likely to take a few seconds. So you do not worry, be patient, once the scan is complete, you will also see the DNS zone, and Cname will be directed to the IP address.

If you want, you can change the DNS of the domain from here and can connect to any server, like Blogger.com.

Or you can also close the server for some time if you want, and can on whenever you want, without damaging the website.

Here you will find an orange cloud indicating that specific subdomains will be checked and served via Cloudflare, while a gray cloud indicates that the particular subdomain will bypass Cloudflare and all requests will go directly to the web server.

4) Next step is SSL, you can use SSL in your Cloudflare account for absolutely free too, now you will see 4 options here, you will … Gonna choose Full (strict) mode. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.


Remember that the basic usage of Cloudflare is free. If you want additional features, you can choose a payment plan. But most people use Cloudflare only for SSL. So my suggestion is that you go for free.

After setting up SSL you will now need to choose the caching performance level and security settings. For starters, the basic setting is the right one, as it will not cause any problems with your website.

But if you are a developer, having the right information about coding, then you can turn on the cache settings of Cloudflare. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

What is cloudflare, Stay safe from Scamers, cloudflare, cloudflare dns
What is Cloudflare, Stay safe from Scammers, Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

Moderate security settings are good for preventing spam/bot attacks on your website. If your site is under attack, you can choose a higher security level. However, do not do this under normal circumstances as it may cause inconvenience to actual visitors. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

5) Finally, Cloudflare will provide you two DNS name servers. For example, release.cloudflare.com. Now you have to replace your DNS nameservers with Cloudflare’s server on the record of your domain name, but those who are new are unable to be patient, they think everything is happen instantiated, that is not the case , You have to wait here for some time, because any server says that it can take 24hur on the domain server to sift from one server to another.

Cloudflare WordPress Plugin

If you have installed Cloudflare on your WordPress website, you can additionally install its WordPress plugin. and it’s better for you.


How does a plugin help? Cloudflare DNS.

This Plugin helps to ensure that the correct IP address appears on the comments posted on your website and that Spamer also improves the security of your website as they are reported to Cloudflare.

This feature is only available to those who install Cloudflare manually or install the plugin, and for this you need to enter the Cloudflare API key and your email address. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

Which you will find in My Account page on your Cloudflare account.


My review of Cloudflare free CDN: Cloudflare DNS.

Let me tell you this: I have been using the Cloudflare CDN network from the last 6 years, and I can confidently say that it greatly improves web server performance. Also helps in security a lot.

What do I like on Cloudflare?

It is a throttle control feature running a popular open-source software similar to WordPress.

If you talk, in early 2013, Cloudflare protected thousands of WordPress websites from a rapid force attack on its network.

What is Cloudflare, Stay safe from Scammers, Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS

I have been very impressed with Cloudflare as a service I mean as a free service network, however, I also want to warn that Cloudflare is an online technology platform like every software, so anything can happen anytime.

But this has never happened till date, if you are not yet using Cloudflare – I suggest you get it soon.


Cloudflare Is it safe? Cloudflare DNS.

The short answer is that Cloudflare is absolutely safe. Cloudflare is essentially nothing more than a content delivery network (CDN). The principle behind this is to serve the speed and cache of your website. Which are spread over different places. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

When a visitor visits your site, the server that is closest to them is used and the distance traveled in the connection is short, so this results in a faster loading time of the website.

The best thing is that if ever your website goes down for some reason, Cloudflare will also try to serve a duplicate copy of your site. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.


Important. about Cloudflare dns.

Although Cloudflare can increase the speed of your website, but it does not work on websites that use useless hosting.

Such as a shared hosting, or a hosting company that provides service at a cheap rate.

So I always say that buy a good hosting if you want then GO HERE  to get a good HOSTING.

Even though at first you will find the price slightly higher, but it can avoid a lot of problems, and websites can be hacked by poor hosting. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

So friends, hope you have got to learn something new from this article, if you have liked this article then do not hesitate to share it. Thank you. What is Cloudflare, Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare.

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