Website Security Checklist For WordPress Website Security

Website Security: To protect your website What method have you adopted? By the way, many people make this mistake, that first they create websites, and also share good content, but as soon as their website starts to become a bit popular, then their website gets hacked, and then all the hard work is useless. He goes away, Because they didn’t look at their website security.


It is very important to secure your website because your website is way of your earning, your website is your home, you generate your income by this way, and if someone else destroy it for some reason, then it is very bad for you, there are many ways to secure a website, stay on this post, today I will tell you about all the methods that I can use myself.

Website Security Checklist For WordPress Website Security

When you install WordPress, you get an automatic security plugin from WordPress, you can secure your website with it, but this plugin is not good enough to stop every attack on your website, You have to use some advanced label security on your website, and there are many plugins available for this, out of which only a few plugins I use myself.

First of all, the security of your website is the URL of your website, if you do not have an HTTPS means an SSL certificate on your website, then you are inviting hackers, come and hack my website. SSL certificate is very important for the website.



The second biggest thing is the theme of your website, a lot of people make some mistakes, in choosing the theme, in the initial phase people do not want to spend money on the theme, so those people download the NULLED theme from anywhere, and they Used on their website, although no human is wrong, but there are some people who wants others to be sad.

And those people do some coding in the theme, that coding is given all the information of your website is to them, so whenever you download the NULLED theme from anywhere, make sure to scan it, so that your website remains secure, and your hard work is done. Website Security


Now you need some plugins, under which you can secure your website, the first plugin is Wordfence, with this plugin, you can make your website completely secure, if you have installed this plugin So you don’t need any other plugin, all your work will be done with this one plugin.

WordFence plugin is also available for free, but if you use the premium version then it is better for you, but everybody likes free stuff so I will recommend to go with the free one. It is a bit difficult to set to your website, but don’t worry, I have given the full details in the video below.

WordFence >>DOWNLOAD

BulletProof Security >>DOWNLOAD

Sucuri Security >>DOWNLOAD

iTheme Security >>DOWNLOAD

All in One WP Security >>DOWNLOAD


Apart from this, you can also use other security plugins, some of which I have mentioned in the name of the plugins, you can also try them, but there is no need for them, if you have installed the WordFence plugin to your website properly.

Before knowing about website security plugins, you should know about some things, this is very important for the security of your website. Website Security

Set two-factor authentication login

You must have heard about Two Factor Authentication, if you do not know then now you’re on the right place, Two factor Authentication is like an OTP code, which comes in our mobile when you login your WordPress website, by putting that code You can log in your WordPress website.


If you apply Login Security with two factor authentication, it will be lot of benefit you, if a Hacker finds out the password of your website, even then he cannot hack your website, because his login OTP code is come in your mobile phone, then you have also applied this method, to secure your wordpress website. Website Security

To use two factor Authentication, you can install it by using your dashboard.

Two Factor Authentication Plugin Download

Secure (protect) your website from Login Limit Attempts

You can secure your website using the WP Limit Login Attempts plugin, this plugin is create limits login time of your WordPress website, Hacker cannot login again and again, if this plugin is installed on your website. Website Security

And if someone repeatedly visits your website If the meany time tries to login, then this plugin blocks his IP address, this prevents your WordPress block from being hack. Website Security

WP Limit Login Attempts Plugin >> Download

Most new WordPress users place WP-Admin or WP-login.php names at the end of the blog login URL, which is not secure for your website.

The hacker easily recognizes this and hacks your website. Therefore it is necessary to change the login URL of your WordPress website, hackers cannot detect your login URL. So keep the WordPress login URL a bit unique.

  • For en Example

Change / WP-login To Something Unique / my_new_loginchange /WP-login.php To something Unique / my_admin

You can use iTheme Security Plugin to change website login URL, which can install login URL in your website, and save your website from hacker, Login URL from iTheme Security for WordPress website secure It is easy to change.

iTheme Security Plugin >> Download

Many people install redundant plugins in their website, which is harmful for the blog, if you install the Unwanted Plugin, it increases the chance of the website being hacked, before downloading any plugin then you have to check the plugin version, Activity , Active Installs, Rating. 

Means What is the version of the plugin, how many people have activity, how many people have installed this plugin, how much is its rating, after checking all this, you can install that plugin, and one important thing is that you will keep all your plugins Do update on time.

Any company updates any of his products only when it feels that there is something lacking in his product, then you must update the plugins, this increases the security of your website.

Don’t create Multi Administrator (Admin)

If you work in partnership on your website, then do not make that website administrator, if anyone writing posts for your website, then make that person only “Editor”, why can they delete you from users Do it or cheat.

If you have full confidence with your partner, then you can make him administrator, the best way is to make “editor”, because nowadays nobody can be trusted, and if you run the website alone, then only Create a single admin.

Use Trusted Hosting: Website Security

There are many websites on the Internet, which provide hosting at very cheap rates, some companies also provide hosting for free, but friends do you know that it can cause you a lot of trouble.

If you find a company that is no name in the market, so there is a possibility of your website getting hacked, because cheap companies do not pay much attention to their security, if it is a popular company. Then You don’t need to worry about it. Website Security


There are many people who have problems, how to get hosting? Because hosting is very expensive, a batter hosting you get from 3500rs to 4000rs a year, but friends, you do not have to worry, I am here for you. Website Security

If you buy from My link, then You will get 50% discount on Hosting domain SSL certificate, and you will get all this for one year, which can cost you from 2000 to 4000 rs, I have fixed a price for you, you can see the table below. Website Security

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Website Security Checklist For WordPress Website Security

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