How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPress Tutorial 2020

Viswanath – 2020-09-01 – How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress: Hello bloggers, friends as we all know, that there are many platforms for blogging, and each platform has its own specialty, but the most used platform is blogger and WordPress.

Although it is very easy to create a website in blogger, But it is very difficult to create a website in WordPress, even many people do not know how to install WordPress.

So today in this post, I will tell you how to install WordPress properly, and how to set it up, then read the post till the last.

How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

How to Install WordPress the RIGHT WAY, WordPressTutorial 2020
How to Install WordPress the RIGHT WAY, WordPressTutorial 2020

Before installing WordPress, there are some things you need to know, if you do not know, it is very important to know that WordPress is a content delivery management system, which is better for blogging or other business.

And that’s why more people use WordPress at the root, and WordPress is the Php platform, due to which it is very easy to manage.

But many people are new in blogging, and they do not know how to use WordPress, even they do not know how to install WordPress.

To install WordPress, first, we need some things, first Domain, second is hosting, third SSL certificate, WordPress will not work without these three things.

First Domain. How to Install WordPress.

The domain is actually a name that we want to keep on our website or business, and to make that name online, we need a domain to give an address for our website.

Now you know that nothing is available for free, and to register the name, you have to pay some money.

Thousands of websites exist on the Internet, which provides domains, and you can register your domain from any website.

Scammers and fraud exist everywhere, and you should spend your money carefully, when you buy a domain or hosting, buy from a genuine company.

I like some of the genuine platforms, and if you want, you can buy the domain from there too.

Buy Hosting. How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

A lot of people don’t know what is hosting, although many people call themselves bloggers, But they don’t know what is blogging, and even they don’t know what is hosting.

Basically hosting is a special computer, which is connected to the Internet for 24 hours, and there are some storage inside this computer, and inside this storage, you can store your website, it works like some Memory/Hard drive.

When a person searches our domain name, they access the storage through the hosting IP address and then he can see the things inside, it just like we keep a video or any other file on our computer.

How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

And we all know if we have a fast processor and RAM on our computer, the more quickly we can work, similarly, if our hosting has the better processor and RAM, then our website will work the batter.

And all the hosting companies sell hosting in different configurations, and they have different prices. It cannot be said that which hosting is the best.

Bcause every hosting works according to its price, but still I have found some companies for you, who are very good in hosting.

1 Step >> Login to Hosting Panel

First of all login to your hosting Cpanel, which is providing your hosting company, if your hosting doesn’t have a Cpanel, then maybe it has a Hpanel, or auto-installer apps section, if you do not know all these things, then talk with your hosting provider company.

How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020
How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

2 Step >>  Type WordPress in Search Box

After login to your Cpanel type WordPress in the search box of Cpanel. Or also scroll down to the Softaculous apps installer it also has a WordPress option. then click on the WordPress icon.

3 Step >> Install WordPress on Domain

After clicking the WP icon A new window will open in front of you. Three boxes are seen here, lets talk about the first box, In the first box, you are asked, which of these extensions http: // or https: // or http: // www. Or https: // www. do you want to add it to your website?

How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

Usually, all bloggers want to use https:// or https://www. Because https means secure browsing. And for this, we have to use Https:// or Https://www.

4 Step >> Choose Domain.

Select the domain in the second box. if you have multi-domain hosting, then you can choose one of your domain, or on single hosting just choose your main domain name. You can see the image below.

There are only two domains in this hosting panel, one is the main Domain, and the second is an additional add domain.

5 Step >> Edit WordPress Admin Account

Now edit the Admin Account. you can choose the admin username or password, which you want to use for login to your WordPress website, and you can add your Email address here.

if you install default WordPress then Cpannel will detect a system generate password, which is very difficult to remember, and I suggest you add your password manually.

How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

After that, scroll down and click on the install button, and your WordPress is successfully installed.

Although there is a softacloud software inside many hosting companies, and due to this you can install WordPress easily.

But even today there are many companies that do not have soft cloud software in their hosting Cpanel, and so in that case we have to download WordPress.

How to download WordPress? Methode 2

As it is not a big deal to download WordPress, but for those who do not know, this section for you, you have to go to This link, after that you will get a button to download WordPress, you have to click on that button.

After clicking on the button WordPress will be downloaded successfully after WordPress is downloaded, you have to go to your hosting Cpanel, after that you will see a section of File Manager, you have to click on it.

Post For You:

After clicking on the file manager, you will see a lot of other files, among them you have to click on Public Html, and then upload the file that you downloaded from my given link. and that’s it your WordPress is successfully Downloaded.

How to Install WordPress, Set up WordPressTutorial 2020

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