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04/19/2020 – Viswanath – Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud hosting: You must have heard about hosting, and if you are a blogger, then you will have bought a lot of hosting & Domains, and will also be used, but do you know which is the best hosting console? You must know that cloud hosting is the best, because it is cheap, and it is also fast, and it saves our website from crashing, yes it is good, but for this you have to pay a lot of money.

Google cloud hosting For Free


But how would you feel if you got cloud hosting for free, that too from Google, yes Google offers you hosting, that too for free, for one year, now many people would think that if Google is giving free hosting, so it will surely be bad hosting.

That’s why I also used this Google Cloud Hosting on my website, and you won’t believe I found the Google Cloud Hosting is one of the best cloud hosting in world.

However, here you get support with a little delay, but once you have connected your website with Google free cloud hosting, then you do not need to worry, because Google is a great company, and all its products are the best.

But using Google Claoud Hosting is a bit tricky, because here you have to manage everything by yourself, so first we know what Google Cloud Hosting is? What is the benefit, what is available, and for us Is it correct or not.

What is Cloud Hosting :

In Cloud Hosting, many servers are connected together, and in it you can change your database, increase memory, increase RAM, change CPU, do whatever you want, but You have to pay separately for this, in a Cloud Hosting you get all this, Domain + Hosting + SSL + Ram + Email Account, it depends on the hosting provider, what kind of package it gives you.

There are many companies in the market, who provide Cloud hosting, you have to decide by yourself where you buy Cloud hosting, by the way, I have made some lists, which currently provide the best hosting in the market, you want to buy. So you can see the price.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting :

The most important thing about cloud hosting is that it remains connected to different free cloud hosting servers, if a problem occurs in a server, then your website is not affected, and your website is protected forever. And these people like Cloud Hosting more.

The speed of your website is very good in cloud hosting, no matter is how high traffic load it can manage, its capacity is very good,

And here you do not have to face Bandwidth problems, in addition Cloud Hosting cloud computing security is the best.

      • Disadvantages of Free Cloud Hosting :

You do not get root access inside a free cloud hosting, it is much more expensive than other hosting, but will not be seen in Google Cloud Hosting.

what is google cloud hosting :

google cloud hosting can be a good option for your website, to get google cloud hosting for free you have to go to website, and then you have to sign up here.

When you complete sign up, Google gives you this service google cloud hosting free for 1 year, meaning you do not have to pay any money here, after signing up, Google sends you a mail, where you will get a link, And from that link you can proceed to hosting page.

The best thing is that Google cloud doesn’t cost you anything, and having a hosting from Google is a big deal. The question that comes up now is, how we can connect a WordPress website to Google Cloud Hosting, as there is no cPanel and Softacloud software like other hosting.

Here you have to add everything by yourself. And Google does not give you the domain for free, if you have to take the domain from Google, then you can buy it from the Google Domain website.

How to connect a WordPress website to Google’s cloud hosting ? I have told in the video below, you watch that video, step by step you will get all the information about Google clloud hosting.

Google cloud hosting For Free - google cloud web hosting

      • How To get Google Cloud Hosting ?

      • Step – 1

Go to website, and then click on Try Google Cloud For free, then another page is open in your browser.

      • Step – 2

Select your country and then click on Continue, don’t forget to checkout the Terms of service, you can read the teams of service if you want.

Google cloud hosting

      • Step – 3

After that fill your personal details, like your address, your PAN number, card details in
payment methods, and click on start my free trial.

After that Google will send you a mail, in mail available a link you have to click on that,
and proceed to Google clloud hosting platform.

Cloud Hosting List :

      • free cloud server linux List :

  • Dropbox cloud hosting
  • 2GB of free cloud storage 
  • Excellent desktop client for Linux, windows and other platforms
  • Link sharing option
  • Collaboration
  • Files can be viewed in the web interface automatic
  • Selective sync to save space on desktop environment
  • self Version control


      • pCloud cloud Hosting :

  • 10 GB of free cloud storage, extendable up to 20 GB
  • A good working cloud Linux client with GUI
  • Allows collaboration by link sharing
  • 30 Days backup for WordPress deleted files
  • allow Unlimited file size upload
  • Built-in audio and video player
  • Mobile apps allow camera roll upload
  • Backups from Dropbox, Google Drive etc
  • 5 copies of files on different servers

      • Google Drive hosting

  • 15Gb of free storage
  • Link sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Integrated with online office suite


      • Nextcloud (self hosted)

  • Free and Open Source software
  • Complete control on your data
  • A complete productivity suite
  • best free cloud software for Windows
  • Sync
  • Nextcloud
  • OwnCloud
  • Pydio
  • SeaFile
  • AeroFS
  • Resilio Sync
  • Syncthing

      • How to host WordPress website on Google cloud hosting ?

I have put a video below, in this video i fully explain step by step, how to host a website in
google hosting, you have to watch this video.

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