Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

04/27/2020 – Generatepress – Viswanath

You must have used many themes, but do you know, there are some themes that have an incredible interface, and their loading time is also amazing, and all these themes are available for free, that too available on WordPress official site, so friends, keeping this in mind, I have brought today GeneratePress WordPress Theme, and ofcourse this theme is available for free.

In this post we will talk about what is the GeneratePress theme, and what is going to benefit it, and how to customize it. So stay on this post.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

There are many themes in the market, such as Newspaper, Genesis Framework, Astra, Divi, etc. And I have tried all these themes, but some of the themes I like, and some were very useless, nobody had an interface, someone’s customization limit was low, even if I talked about the Genesis Framework.

So I also found some things less in it, because it requires a lot of customization code, and this theme is not right for a simple blogger. Every time we have to go to the website of Studio Press for coding.

But GeneratePress Theme is a theme in which you will be able to easily customize your page/website, that too by just drag and drop, here you get many options, you just have to click them, and your website will be created in that way .

GeneratePress theme gives you many ways to design a logo, you can keep your logo as you want. and I like this feature very much, and you can also customize your post completely, which does not exist in other themes, you can also change the header of your post in a different style.

The GeneratePress theme also gives you the opportunity to customize the Footer, you can add whatever you want to your Footer, you can change its colors, and if you want, you can also add videos to the Footer section, but in other themes This option is not available.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

GeneratePress Theme is a mobile friendly theme, you do not need to install any kind of AMP plugin here, GeneretePress creates an AMP version itself. If you want to show your website in any other way in mobile, then you can do it with the help of GeneratePress theme.

Although this feature is present in Newspaper theme, but after installing Newspaper theme you should install AMP plugin, and after installing the Newspaper theme, the speed of the website becomes very slow, if you use AMP, then your customized website is not show up in mobile, only the content is visible on mobile phone, which looks very useless.

I don’t like this theme, yes this theme is for those people who use VPS hosting or dedicated servers, but I am talking about GeneratePress theme, this theme gives you all the features.

How to customize GeneratePress theme?

First of all, you have to install GeneratePress, then activate it, and after that you have to create a page, you can write name of the page anything, I keep Home, and published it, After you have to go to the option of customize, here you will see many features, you can customize your website from here, first you will get the Layout section.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

GeneretePress header customizetion:

From here you can change the header of your website, You can add a logo from here, icon of the site, and many more options are available, you can change your header completely from here.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

GeneretePress Colors customizetion:

After this comes the Colors section, And I like it, because GeneratePress gives you so many Colors option, it does not give any other theme. From here you can change the colors of any of your sections, such as header, navigation menu, post title, post heading, footer bar, footer menu and much more.

Just you have to pay attention to it, which section you customize, because there are a lot of sections, and lots of colors. All you have to do is just click it, and it will apply.

GeneratePress Typography customizetion:

Typography: This option is not in any other theme, if you want your logo to look small in size, or if your menu bar looks big or small according to you, or your heading text can be seen according to your choice. You can do that from here.

And you will not get to see this feature in any other theme, but you can do all this by going to the Typography section of GeneretePress.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generetepress pro customizetion

GeneratePress background customizetion:

Do you want the background of your theme to look something different, or if you want to add your own image to your theme, you can do it easily in GeneratePress theme, you have to go to the background. In the Images section, and whatever section you want to change the image, you can do it from here on just one click.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

From here you can change the header background, change the background of the theme, change the background of the footer, and also change the background of the navigation menu, and this feature other theme is not seen. GeneretePress is the only theme, offering so many customization options.

GeneratePress menu customizetion:

By the way, this option is available in all themes, and GeneretePress also exists this option, there is nothing special in it, you can add your menu like other themes.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

GeneratePress Widgets customizetion:

I have used a lot of themes, but I have not seen the option of so many Widgets there, however the Widgets option of other themes is enough, but if you need more options, then you get all those GeneratePress themes, you can use them.

Generatepress wordpress theme | Generatepress pro customizetion

If you want complete information, learn how to customize a GeneratePress theme, you can watch the video below, in this video, you can see how you can completely customize a GeneretePress theme, i can give this information in this article, but the article will be very long, so you can learn by watching the video.

Watch video Here:

You cannot customize all this in the free version of GeneretePress, there are some things you will not get in the free version, but if you use a plugin, you will get all these options, the name of the plugin is GP Premium. And it costs 49 $, but if you want this theme for free, you can contact me, and write a comment, yes i want it, I will make this plugin available to you free within 24 hours.

You can use the Elementor plugin to customize GeneratePress properly, it supports well with the GeneratePress theme, and the free version of GeneratePress is also very useful, only you need its plugin. GeneratePress gives you a lot of options even if you don’t have a plugin, I think you don’t need GP premium plugin, the best thing is that GeneratePress is a mobile friendly theme.

Generetepress wordpress theme | Generetepress pro customizetion

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Should we use the GeneratePress theme?

As far as I think, yes you must use the GeneratePress theme.

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